Bronystate v3.0
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Latest commit 72003ac Dec 13, 2018

Bronystate 3.0

Code to power the new generation of states of bronies

Build Status


Commits pushed to master will be automatically pulled by Travis CI, built, and sent to the server to go live immediately. Push only if you're sure of what you've committed.

You can edit or create new pages right here on Github:

  • News posts should go in the _posts directory; see the README there for details
  • New timers go in _data/timers.yml, follow the comments for formatting
  • Changing embeds is done by editing the live variable in _data/embed-switcher.yml

If you're adding a new page, changing styles, or anything not a simple "add a thing", see the "Branching" section below.


Previewing Changes

Bronystate 3.0 runs on the Github Pages flavor of Jekyll for ease of installation.

To set up on Windows:

  • Install Github Desktop
  • Install Ruby for Windows
  • Install Ruby DevKit
  • Log into Github Desktop and clone this brstv3 repository (the + in the upper left)
  • Open the brstv3 folder wherever you cloned it to
  • Shift-right-click and Open command window here
  • gem install bundler
  • bundle install

Double click the jekyllserve.bat file (or run bundle exec jekyll serve, same thing) to build the site and host it locally, which you can find by pointing a browser at localhost:4000

Advanced Usage

REMEMBER: The master branch will be automatically and immediately built and pushed live to the site. Do not commit partially complete stuff to master

If you want to add a new page (not a news post) or change the styling of the site:

  • Check out the repository to your system, don't make huge changes from Github
  • Create a new branch in Github Desktop based on master
  • Give it a name that describes what you're working on, or just your name
    • Like rules-page when building drafts of, well, the rules page
  • Make your changes and commit as you work, push any time to share with the rest of us
  • Preview frequently! Make sure you have the Jekyll workflow set up so you can check your work
  • When you're ready to make your changes go live, create a pull request from your branch to master, give it a title and a description
  • Have everyone review the pull request, which shows all changes made and reflects the state of the code as it will look once merged
  • If everyone's satisfied, and there are no merge conflicts detected (indicating master updated while you were working), merge the pull request
  • If things go bad when the change is live, call your nearest Techie on Skype or Discord