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A pure PHP library implementing language recognition.
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PHP Language Detection
A pure PHP implementation of language detection (of arbitrary text) based on 
n-gram profiles. It contains a pre-trained model that can recognize: dutch (nl), 
english (en), german (de), french (fr), spanish (es), indonesian (id), japanese 
(jp) and portugese (pt) (the "twitter languages").

How does it work?
The etc/ directory contains an paper that explains the algorithm behind the 
classifier. A small excerpt:

We describe here an N-gram-based approach to text categorization that is 
tolerant of textual errors. The system is small, fast and robust. This system 
worked very well for language classification, achieving in one test a 99.8% 
correct classification rate on Usenet newsgroup articles written in different 
languages. The system also worked reasonably well for classifying articles from 
a number of different computer-oriented newsgroups according to subject, 
achieving as high as an 80% correct classification rate. There are also several 
obvious directions for improving the system's classification performance in 
those cases where it did not do as well.

The system is based on calculating and comparing profiles of N-gram frequencies. 
First, we use the system to compute profiles on training set data that represent 
the various categories, e.g., language samples or newsgroup content samples. 
Then the system computes a profile for a particular document that is to be 

Finally, the system computes a distance measure between the document's profile 
and each of the category profiles. The system selects the category whose profile 
has the smallest distance to the document's profile. The profiles involved are 
quite small, typically 10K bytes for a category

   $classifier = new NGramProfiles('etc/classifiers/ngrams.dat');
   if( !$classifier->exists() ) {
      $classifier->train('en_US', 'etc/data/english.raw');
      $classifier->train('nl_NL', 'etc/data/dutch.raw');
   } else {
   $classifier->predict('This is an english sentence.'); // 'en_US'
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