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Atmel Pack parser interpreter and visualizer
AtPack will show the contents of the Atmel (Microchip) AtPack XML files, which
describe all the MCUs from their product-range. All calculation is done
client-side using some crude jQuery magic.

Atmel Packs can be download from:

- Selectable AtPack (device list)
- Select a device
- Fuse calculator
- Lockbit calculator
- Show various properties:
	* Documentation (links to datasheet and product page)
	* Variants (package, temperature range, voltage range, ...)
	* Programmer interface
	* Signatures
	* Memory layout
	* Modules
	* Fuses
	* Lockbits
	* Package outlines and pin-assignments

PLEASE NOTE: Only stuff in the device description XML file are shown (files
atdf/*.atdf). Do not complain about the lack of information. This program can
only show what it is fed with. If you need more information then you have the
options a) to read the datasheet, b) complain to Atmel/Microchip or c) fix the
files yourself ;-).

Installation and use
0 - It is assumed you know how to download from github
1 - Get the source-code and put it somewhere on your computer
2 - Point your browser to:
3 - Have fun.

If you want more/other/newer atpacks, then:
a - goto
b - get the pack you want
c - make a directory <your_install_dir>/<atpack_name_you_downloaded>
d - unzip the pack into the created directory
e - add a line in file atpackbase.js pointing to the newly extracted pack's
    pdsc file
f - reload you browser window

All AtPacks are loaded when you load the page. The device descriptions are
loaded when you select the device. That means, if you have really many AtPacks
in the list, it may take a while and eat memory in your browser. Caveat Emptor.

Which AtPacks
The code has been tested with the packs:
- Atmel ATmega Series Device Support (1.3.300)
- Atmel ATtiny Series Device Support (1.3.229)
- Atmel XMEGAA Series Device Support (1.1.68)
- Atmel XMEGAB Series Device Support (1.1.55)
- Atmel XMEGAC Series Device Support (1.1.50)
- Atmel XMEGAD Series Device Support (1.1.63)
- Atmel XMEGAE Series Device Support (1.2.51)
- Atmel ATautomotive Series Device Support (1.2.118)
- Atmel SAM3A Series Device Support (1.0.50)
- Atmel SAME51 Series Device Support (1.0.65)
- Atmel UC3A Series Device Support (1.0.53)

Other packs should work, but there might be some quirks here and there. Let me
know of any bugs...

If you find any bugs, you have the option to ignore it completely. If you
decide not to ignore the bug, then you may, at your option, fix it and send me
a pull-request, or file a bug-report.

Copyrights & Licenses
The AtPack parser/interpreter/visualizer is copyright B. Stultiens and licensed
under AGPL 3.0 (see LICENSE.txt).

The AtPack data files are copyright Atmel/Microchip and licensed under Apache
2.0 from Atmel/Microchip (see LICENSE.atpack)

jQuery is Copyright JS Foundation and other contributors, (see LICENSE.jquery).


Atmel Pack parser, visualizer and fuse calculator




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