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What is pyBukGet?

pyBukGet is a client-side module for interfacing with the BukGet API over Python. This module was written by the developer of the BukGet API itself and acts as a reference on how to properly communicate to BukGet.

How do I install this?

pyBukGet is available vie pip and easy_install. You can also manually install pyBukget by simply downloading the code here and installing it using setup.


Using pip:

pip install pybukget

Using Easy_Install:

easy_install pybukget


python install

How do I use the API?

More detailed walkthrough is coming soon, however here are the available functions:

  • plugins
  • plugin_details
  • plugin_download
  • authors
  • author_plugins
  • categories
  • category_plugins
  • search

Overloadable variables:

  • bukget.USER_AGENT - This should be set to whatever your application is. By default, it will report as pyBukGet 2.3.