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Changed '.' with 'source' for readability

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commit 222cf3b0f1a653224d1cf84228e0450ee8c6a5af 1 parent b096b5e
@Samsagax Samsagax authored
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  1. +1 −1  install
2  install
@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ install_step detectoldversion
# definition of tools (like $LSPCI) as well as command options parsing and
# options like installation path. It's a special case as it needs to be able to
# access the commandline options, therefore do not use install_step
-. stages/setvars
+source stages/setvars

I've seen several issues on the old bumblee with using 'source' instead of '.'. Mainly because people couldn't read and did a 'sh' instead of either using bash or relying on the Sha-Bang.

@Lekensteyn Owner

What does sh vs bash have to do with this change? Because of the sh confusion, we've decided to drop the .sh extension already.

@Samsagax Owner

This will depend on system configuration, when 'sh' points to '/bin/dash' that would fail, same as a lot of our code. When bash is used there is no problem. We just have to make sure that no one uses 'sh' before any of our executable files.

@Lekensteyn Owner

Fixed bash issue in cdd23d2

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