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Buildscripts for Bumblebee packages (bbswitch, bumblebee, virtualgl, ...) for Ubuntu PPA
Shell Makefile
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Bumblebee's git repository is available on:

The packages built from this git repository are available on:

There are some helper scripts in the helpers/ directory:

## update-changelog
Usage: update-changelog PACKAGE
PACKAGE can be any directory in the root folder of this git repo which contains
a debian directory. The helper file must not be moved as it used its parent
directory to determine the packages and changelogs. The working directory does
not have to be equal to the root directory, though.
Opens the nano editor in which a changelog entry can be filled and the version
number adjusted. After making modifications and saving these, less will be
opened for each distribution changelog. You can press `v` to edit the contents,
`:n` to jump to the next changelog and `:p` to the previous one. When done in
less, press `q`. After that, you'll be prompted whether you want to update the
changelogs in git.

## build-ppa-source
Usage: build-ppa-source PACKAGE PACKAGE_VERSION.orig.tar.gz
See update-changelog for PACKAGE. PACKAGE_VERSION.orig.tar.gz is the path to
the tarball containing the source code. You must rename your tarball if needed.
When executed, you'll be asked which distros need to be packaged for. After
the distros have been selected, the source packages will be built and the dput
command is displayed. The temporary directory is not removed, you'll need to
change the directory to that tempdir, and then you'll be able to run dput.
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