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This package holds configuration files and scripts that are featured
on a Bunsen Labs installation. Some of them have been inherited from
CrunchBang Linux by Philip Newborough.

The main content is:

*) Configuration for a BunsenLabs session at startup, triggered from
a desktop file in /usr/share/xsessions, and allowing the user to run
alternative window managers while keeping the menu, keybinds
and autostarted applications. The default openbox rc.xml and menu.xml
files are left untouched.

*) A collection of user configuration files templates,
stored in /usr/share/bunsen/skel, and a user setup script to
install them, triggered from the Bunsenlabs session.

*) Configuration for lightdm, including a workaround for language selection.

*) Default mimetype configuration.

*) Four new groups added to debian alternatives:
along with corresponding .desktop files and mimeapps.list entries.
These enable users to have more flexibility in their choice of default applications
without having to edit menus, scripts or keyboard shortcuts.

*) Policykit actions allowing pkexec of text editor,
and user shutdown/suspend permissions.

*) Wrapper scripts for mpv, gvim, edit and gdebi-gtk.

*) Firefox default preference for text-box display, to avoid
issues with dark themes.

*) Note: /usr/bin/bl-xdg-autostart was written by Dana Jansens in 2008,
and originally provided in openbox under the GPL-2 licence.

This package also adds some other small system configuration files.


This package holds slightly modified user config files, intended to
be appropriate for a system installed on older hardware.

At present, the main differences from bunsen-configs are:

*) Use Liberation and Inconsolata fonts instead of Noto.
 This gives a big install size saving at the cost of language support.

*) Do not use a compositor, to save some memory use.

The user config files in skel/ are installed in both packages, but
in bunsen-configs-lite any files in skel-lite/skel/ will overwrite
the equivalent files installed from skel/.


For any bug or request [fill an issue][bug] on [GitHub][ghp].