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This is a collection of files intended to install
a close approximation of BunsenLabs Linux
on a basic command-line-only Debian Jessie system.
It will use the BunsenLabs Apt repository ( )
to install BunsenLabs packages.

Bug reports are very welcome!
Please visit the bunsenlabs forums:


Boot into your Debian Netinstall cli system,
log in and run these commands, as a normal user:
(A fresh copy of this bunsen-netinstall package will be downloaded.)

tar -xpf master.tar.gz
cd bunsen-netinstall-master

The installation process will start.
Follow any prompts that appear on the screen.

There is also a script: bl-github-upgrade
which can be run to upgrade the BunsenLabs packages
from the GitHub repository in order to get the latest versions.
Usually the Apt repository holds packages which are recent enough,
without having to use this script, 
which will install a lot of extra packages and use disk space.

A folder called bunsen-netinstall-logs will be added to your ~/.cache folder.
(The file bunsen-netinstall-logs/install.log will contain
verbose information about the install process.)
This folder may safely be removed if the installation was successful,
and no issues arose subsequently.

A folder /backup/bunsen-netinstall on your root file system will hold 
backups of system files replaced during the install.

The script itself has been separated off from the files holding
specific data about the installation. This is intended to make
customization easier. It should not be necessary to edit "install".
Even if the script is upgraded in the future, the same config files
should still work.


README: this file
LICENSE: a copy of the GPL3 license
install: the installation script
copyright: GNU licence statement
greeting: message to user
pkgs-recs: packages to install with recommends
pkgs-norecs: packages to install without recommends
sysfiles1: system files to copy in before installing packages (mainly apt-related)
sysfiles2: system files to copy in after installing packages
apt-keys: commands to download and install the BunsenLabs Apt GPG key
gen_sources: commands to edit /etc/apt/sources.list
preinstall_commands: commands to run before installing packages and files
postinstall_commands: commands to run after installing packages and files
config: sets some directory paths etc
bunsen-netinstall-logs: folder to copy into user's ~/.cache directory
bl-github-upgrade: script to upgrade the BunsenLabs packages

(no longer used)
github_install: commands to build .deb files and install them from a local repository
git2deb-bl: script to build .deb files from a git repository


Installing Debian Jessie by the netinstall CD is
similar to using the standard installer.

Two points to watch if you want to use
this netinstall script afterwards:

1) At the "Set up users and passwords" screen,
do NOT enter a password for root.
Type nothing and press "continue".
Do this again at "Re-enter password to verify".
Enter your own name and password as normal.
You will then be given 'sudo' permissions,
which will be needed in the script.

2) At the "software selection" stage DESELECT EVERYTHING
except "standard system utilities".
You will have a core system only, on which
the netinstall installer will add what is needed.
(Some software items will be marked with an asterisk, indicating that
they have been preselected.
Use the up/down arrows to move, and the spacebar to toggle selection.)

The netinstall download and links to documentation can be found here: