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An application that allows downloading streams from Stremio.
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Stremio Downloader

This application allows downloading any stream from Stremio, it also features it's own Stremio add-on that allows you to view the downloaded content when you are offline.

To use, first download the version for your operating system from the downloads page.

After openning it for the first time, simply press "Load Stremio", navigate to the desired stream and press it, instead of playing it in Stremio, it will be downloaded with Stremio Downloader.

Note 1: You must log in to Stremio after pressing "Load Stremio", otherwise you will use an annonymous account that does not have your add-ons already installed.

Note 2: This downloader supports downloading anything, but in order to download torrents, you must also have the Stremio app running.

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