Use Swift enums and structs with NSMenu, NSPopUpButton, NSSegmentedControl
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Declarative assistants to make NSMenu, NSPopUpButton, NSSegmentedControl easier. Use Swift enums instead of creating and removing NSMenuItems and fiddling with indexes and tags.


NSPopUpMenu with PopUpButtonAssistant

The choices you want to show in the menu, as an enum.

enum BaseContentTypeChoice: Int {
	case LocalHTMLPages = 1
	case Images
	case Feeds

Add an extension to the enum to make it conform to the UIChoiceRepresentative protocol.

extension BaseContentTypeChoice: UIChoiceRepresentative {
	var title: String {
		switch self {
		case .LocalHTMLPages:
			return "Local Pages"
		case .Images:
			return "Images"
		case .Feeds:
			return "Feeds"
	typealias UniqueIdentifier = BaseContentTypeChoice
	var uniqueIdentifier: UniqueIdentifier { return self }

Use PopUpButtonAssistant in View Controller, with customized menu item titles.

class ExampleViewController: NSViewController {
	@IBOutlet var baseContentTypeChoicePopUpButton: NSPopUpButton! // Hooked up in storyboard/nib
	var baseContentTypeChoicePopUpButtonAssistant: PopUpButtonAssistant<BaseContentTypeChoice>!

	var chosenBaseContentChoice: BaseContentTypeChoice = .LocalHTMLPages

	var baseContentTypeChoiceMenuItemRepresentatives: [BaseContentTypeChoice?] {
		return [
	func updateBaseContentTypeChoiceUI() {
		let popUpButtonAssistant = baseContentTypeChoicePopUpButtonAssistant ?? {
			let popUpButtonAssistant = PopUpButtonAssistant<BaseContentTypeChoice>(popUpButton: baseContentTypeChoicePopUpButton)
			let menuAssistant = popUpButtonAssistant.menuAssistant
			// Customize the title by appending a total count
			menuAssistant.customization.title = { choice in
				let baseContentType = choice.baseContentType
				let loadedURLCount = self.pageMapper?.numberOfLoadedURLsWithBaseContentType(baseContentType) ?? 0
				return "\(choice.title) (\(loadedURLCount))"
			self.baseContentTypeChoicePopUpButtonAssistant = popUpButtonAssistant
			return popUpButtonAssistant
		popUpButtonAssistant.menuItemRepresentatives = baseContentTypeChoiceMenuItemRepresentatives
	@IBAction func changeBaseContentTypeFilter(sender: NSPopUpButton) {
		if let contentChoice = baseContentTypeChoicePopUpButtonAssistant.selectedItemRepresentative {
			chosenBaseContentChoice = contentChoice
	func reloadData() {
		// Example ...


To integrate into your Xcode project using Carthage, specify it in your Cartfile:

github "BurntCaramel/BurntCocoaUI" >= 0.3


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