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Swift is a general-purpose programming language built using a modern approach to safety, performance, and software design patterns. Inspired by many other modern programming languages, Swift is intended to be more resilient and expressive than Objective-C, its predecessor.

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jethmalani commented Nov 14, 2017

What did you do?

When I do this (from your docs):

guard let dataFromString = .utf8, allowLossyConversion: false) else {return} let json = JSON(data: dataFromString)

I get an error "Call can throw, but it is not marked with 'try' and the error is not handled"

I did this. I just want to confirm that is right. It worked for me.

`guard let dataFromString

lemoinem commented Jan 30, 2020

Short description of the issue:

Currently, the recommended way of extending the library is to use Observable.create() ( However, this is only possible for the simplest cases.
More complex cases, will require us to understand the implementation details and copy Producer and Sink.

It c

bdaneshgar commented Apr 28, 2020

What did you do?

Using the City Guide example

What did you expect to happen?

If I select a cell (say Toronto) I expect Toronto to be the cell that performs the 'present modally' segue animation

What happened instead?

instead another random cell expands

General Information

  • iOS Version(s): 13

  • Swift Version: 5

  • Devices/Simulators: iphone x

  • Reproducibl

sunshinejr commented Oct 22, 2019

Currently we use a pretty naive removal of testing dependencies for SwiftPM by setting an environment variable. We should be able to use Rocket and update our Rakefile script to just remove testing dependencies on each release, and keep it in the development process thanks to that.

The idea came from this PR that I saw RxSwiftCommunity/RxOptional#83, which sounds reall

Created by Apple

Released June 2, 2014

Latest release 14 days ago


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