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== New
 * Supporting now sanitize table names.

== Old
This is mdbtools version 0.6pre1

Welcome to the exciting world of MDB Tools! In short, MDB Tools is a set of 
programs to help you use Microsoft Access file in various settings.  The major
pieces are:

. libmdb    - the core library that allows access to MDB files programatically.
. libmdbsql - builds on libmdb to provide a SQL engine (ala Jet)
. utils     - provides command line utilities to list tables, export schema, 
              and data, show the version of the files, and other useful stuff.
. mdb-sql   - a command line SQL tool that allows one to type sql queries and
              get results.
. odbc      - An ODBC driver for use with unixODBC or iODBC driver manager.
              Allows one to use MDB files with PHP for example.
. gmdb2     - The Gnome MDB File Viewer and debugger.  Still alpha, but making
              great progress.

If you are interested in helping, read the HACKING file for a description of 
where the code stands and what has been gleened of the file format.

The initial goal of these tools is to be able to extract data structures and 
data from mdb files.  This goal will of course expand over time as the file 
format becomes more well understood.  

Files in libmdb, libmdbsql, and libmdbodbc are licensed under LGPL and the 
utilities and gui program are under the GPL, see COPYING.LIB and COPYING files 

To install see the INSTALL file

Check out for CVS, mailing list and similar.

Brian Bruns

P.S. I, like many other free software authors enjoy receiving postcards from the
places users of my software live.  So, if you enjoy the software and it has 
helped you out, consider sending me one, eh?  Just email me for my postal address.