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Convert pulldown-cmark Events back to the string they were parsed from
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A utility library which translates Event back to markdown. It's the prerequisite for writing markdown filters which can work as mdbook-preprocessors.

This library takes great pride in supporting everything that pulldown-cmark supports, including tables and footnotes and codeblocks in codeblocks, while assuring quality with a powerful test suite.

How to use

Please have a look at the stupicat-example for a complete tour of the API, or have a look at the api-docs.

It's easiest to get this library into your Cargo.toml using cargo-add:

cargo add pulldown-cmark-to-cmark

Friends of this project

  • termbook
    • A runner for mdbooks to keep your documentation tested.
  • Share Secrets Safely
    • share secrets within teams to avoid plain-text secrets from day one

Maintenance Guide

Making a new release

  • Assure all documentation is up-to-date and tests are green
  • update the version in Cargo.toml and git commit
  • run cargo publish
  • run git tag -s <version>
  • run git push --tags origin master
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