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Simulate Arduino Sketches in Modelica

With the Arduino Modelica library you can simulate your circuits and sketches on a virtual Arduino Uno and connect your Modelica models to real-world circuits using the Firmata protocol.


  • Dymola 2017 FD01 or later
  • Visual Studio 2015

Getting Started

  • download the latest release and extract the archive
  • in Dymola select File > Open... and open Arduino/ from the extracted files
  • in the package browser double-click Arduino.Examples.Blink
  • right-click on the toolbar and check Simulation and Animation to view the simulation and animation toolbars
  • open the Simulation Setup Setup Button and on the Compiler tab select Visual Studio 2015/Visual Studio C++ Express Edition (14.0)
  • click Simulate Button to run the Simulation
  • after the simulation has finished click Run Button in the animation toolbar and watch the LED L blink


  • try the other examples in Arduino.Examples

Simulate your Sketch

To simulate your sketch MySketch you have to perform the following steps.

  • save your sketch as Arduino/Resources/Sketches/MySketch.ino
  • add the block Arduino.Components.ArduinoUno to your model
  • double-click the block and set the parameter sketch to "MySketch.ino"
  • click Translate Button to re-translate the model when the sketch has changed


Arduino Libraries

The following libraries are included and can be used directly.

Name Description
Servo.h Servo library to control RC (hobby) servo motors
PID_v1.h PID controller library for Arduino

To use an external library in your sketch copy its header files (*.h) and source files (*.cpp) to the Libraries folder. If the library contains .cpp files you have to add them to the Arduino project by dragging them from the Libraries folder in the file browser onto the Source Files folder in the solution explorer.

How does it work?

The ArduinoUno model is driven by an ExternalObject that contains the compiled sketch and an implementation of the Arduino API. The external object is synchronized at every sample step with the Modelica model.

When a model that contains the ArduinoUno block is translated the external object is automatically re-built through the preInstantiate=Arduino.Internal.buildSketch(...) directive in its annotation.

This function writes a new Sketch.cpp to Arduino/Resources/Source/Arduino that includes the sketch currently selected in the ArduinoUno component and calls the build script build_sketch.bat.

This script re-builds the shared libraries Arduino/Resources/Library/win32/ModelicaArduino.dll and win64/ModelicaArduino.dll that contain the implementation of the external object.

Debugging a Sketch

  • translate and simulate the model you want to debug
  • open VisualStudio/Arduino.sln in VisualStudio
  • select Debug as configuration and the platform that matches your Dymola model (x64 if Advanced.CompileWith64 = 2 otherwise Win32)
  • open the project settings and under Debug set Command to dymosim.exe and Working Directory to your current Dymola working directory
  • open the sketch in VisualStudio and set a breakpoint
  • start debugging

Copyright and License

Copyright © 2018 Dassault Systèmes. The code is licensed GPLv3, the documentation CC BY-SA 4.0.