Tool for automated processing of directories in BitCurator
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Folder Processor

Tool for automated processing of directories in BitCurator.

Version: 1.0.0

CCA Folder Processor creates Archivematica-ready SIPs from directories on a local filesystem, piece of external media, or network shares, and generates a pre-populated description spreadsheet containing information such as start and end dates, extents, and a scope and content note for each created SIP.

The GUI offers a checkbox interface to select which directories should be turned into SIPs.

CCA Folder Processor creates an md5deep-generated checksum.md5 manifest saved in each SIP's metadata directory (according to Archivematica packaging ventions) as default behavior. To create each SIP as a bag instead, select that option from the GUI interface. Folder Processor can optionally also run a PII scan of each SIP using bulk_extractor as part of the Brunnhilde characterization step of SIP creation and description. Bulk_extractor results are saved to metadata/submissionDocumentation, in the Brunnhilde report output folder.


This utility is designed for easy use in BitCurator v1.8.0+. It requires Python 3 and PyQt5.

Install as part of CCA Tools

Install all of the CCA Tools together using the installation script in the CCA Tools repo.

Install as a separate utlity

  • Install PyQt5:
    sudo pip3 install pyqt5
  • Clone this repo to your local machine.
  • Run the install script with sudo privileges:
    chmod u+x
    sudo ./

PyQt4 version

Please note that Folder Processor v1.0.0 uses PyQt5. Installation of PyQt5 may cause issues with existing PyQt4 programs in BitCurator. For the a PyQt4 version of Folder Processor that will not affect the functionality of other tools, see the commit efc3cee.