Source files for the Online Student Readiness Tutorials, a series of interactive multimedia tutorials that address the real challenges experienced by online students, new and experienced, while pursuing success in online classes.
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Online Readiness

This repository contains the source files for the Online Readiness Tutorials, a series of interactive multimedia tutorials designed to address the real challenges experienced by online students, new and experienced, while pursuing success in online classes. The tutorials were developed by The Online Education Initiative (OEI) of the California Community College System. For additional information about OEI please visit the OEI website at Live versions of the tutorials are available on the Online Readiness website.

Downloading the Tutorials

The downloadable version includes all source files necessary to provide a fully accessible, interactive experience for students, minus the media files (see below for instructions on downloading those). The current release (or any prior releases) of the core application can be downloaded from the Releases page in either .zip or tar.gz format.

After downloading and unzipping the files on your local computer, all files can be viewed locally except the multimedia version of each module, which must be played on a web server.

Downloading the media files

Adding media files to this repository on GitHub would make it too large and unwieldy. Therefore the media files can be downloaded separately from the OEI website at Online Readiness home page. On that page, look for Download links associated with each module. Simply follow those links for the specific module(s) you're interested in to download a zip file that contains the following four media files:

  • An MP4 video file
  • An OGV video file, for browsers that don't support MP4
  • An MP3 audio file
  • An OGG audio file, for browsers that don't support MP3

Unzip the downloaded file and copy all four media files into the media folder for that module. For example, the media files for the careers module would be copied into the /modules/career/media folder.

About the Media Player

The Online Readiness application was built using Able Player, a standards-based, fully-accessible, open-source, cross-browser HTML5 media player.


These works are copyright 2016 by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. They are available to everyone and may be repurposed to meet the unique needs of educational institutions.

We welcome your feedback and contributions!

Please share bug reports, feature requests, questions, or suggestions for new content via GitHub's Issues tracker. We also welcome contributions! If you make changes to the tool or content, please consider sharing your changes via a pull request.