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LoliBot - The ESP32 Based Soccer bot.

Quick links ...

Welcome to the 2018 Open Hardware Project. You can see information about this and other MiniConfs at

If you're attending the assembly workshop at 2018, the place to start is

This year's project is called the Lolibot, and is a simple robot is designed to chase and kick a Ping Pong ball around.

It features a Lolin32-lite ESP32 based chip as it's primary microprocessor and includes a MPU6050 6 axis accelerometer.

In order to reduce complexity and to be a bit more flexible with our design this years project is a platform with discrete components. Those of you who are looking forward to the smell of melting solder won't be disappointed though, there are many headers, LEDS and switches to keep you busy.


Screen Shots

LoliBot Render


Assembly instructions for the kit are at

Hardware Links



All the usual ESP32 development options apply to the LoliBot ...

We've chosen to focus on using microPython to provide a simple, yet capable entry point for newcomers to robotics and embedded computers.

The software sub-directory has instructions on installing and developing software for the LoliBot.


Licensed under the TAPR Open Hardware License ( The "license" sub-folder also contains a copy of this license in plain text format.

Copyright John Spencer, Angus Gratton, Andy Gelme, Jon Oxer, Mark Wolfe 2017