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<CdcMap /> is a React component for visualizing your data on a map of the United States. This was built for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's internal use and has been open sourced. There is support for filtering, toggling, numeric and categorical mapping as well as many other visual configuration options like color schemes. It can be used standalone or in conjunction with the larger CDC Open Visualization framework.

  • Supports both U.S. and World maps.
  • Focus on accessibility and 508 compliance.
  • IE11 support.


Installation and Usage

  1. Install the package in your React project npm install @cdc/map
  2. Import the component and begin using in your code.
import CdcMap from '@cdc/map'

function App() {

  return (
    <div className="App">
      <CdcMap />

export default App;

Note: If no properties are passed, the map will load a default configuration file.


Property Type Description
navigationHandler Function A custom function that will receive the URL of the item that was clicked by the user. This will override the built in navigationHandler. It's helpful if you need to implement a custom metrics call or some other kind of intermediate behavior before you direct the user to the URL.
configUrl String Pass a URL to a .json file and it will be consumed and used as the configuration.
config Object You can pass the raw configuration object directly as a prop. For help generating such an object, use the built in editor.
isEditor Boolean A simple flag that will load the editor for the maps inside your app. Helpful to provide a user interface instead of having to edit raw JSON.
className String Lets you add a custom class name to the outermost container element of the map.

Data Formatting

TODO: Move this to data designer/editor package once that is finished.

The data that you are mapping needs to be formatted in a specific way where there is one column for each row that represents the state or city for the rest of the data on that row. There needs to be an additional column that represents the data you are trying to display on the map. This can be categorical or numerical data. You will specifically map these columns in the editor.

The supported formats are CSV and JSON files.

For more information, read the CDC's official guidance on formatting and to get example data files.


To get started working on this repository, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repo and do an npm install & npm link @cdc/map. This installs your dependencies and links the namespace @cdc/map to your local folder (see step 4 for more.)
  2. Simply run npm start and it will open the project in development mode.
  3. To create an actual built version of the library for testing, run npm run build
  4. To test the package out locally inside a different project, after building you need to go into that folder and run npm link @cdc/map. It should begin using your local version so you can make changes and view them.

Submitting a Pull Request Contributions from users are welcome. If you are not an approved contributor, you will have to fork this repository and submit a pull request that way.

All comments, messages, pull requests, and other submissions received through CDC including this GitHub page may be subject to applicable federal law, including but not limited to the Federal Records Act, and may be archived. Learn more at



The repository utilizes code licensed under the terms of the Apache Software License and therefore is licensed under ASL v2 or later.

This source code in this repository is free: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Apache Software License version 2, or (at your option) any later version.

This source code in this repository is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the Apache Software License for more details.

The source code forked from other open source projects will inherit its license.

Public Domain

This repository constitutes a work of the United States Government and is not subject to domestic copyright protection under 17 USC § 105. This repository is in the public domain within the United States, and copyright and related rights in the work worldwide are waived through the CC0 1.0 Universal public domain dedication. All contributions to this repository will be released under the CC0 dedication. By submitting a pull request you are agreeing to comply with this waiver of copyright interest.

Records Management

This repository is not a source of government records, but is a copy to increase collaboration and collaborative potential. All government records will be published through the CDC web site.


This repository contains only non-sensitive, publicly available data and information. All material and community participation is covered by the Disclaimer and Code of Conduct. For more information about CDC's privacy policy, please visit


React component for visualizing your data on a map of the United States based off work done for the CDC







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