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Windows 10 RS2/RS3 exploitation primitives based on the OffensiveCon 2018 talk
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Windows 10 RS2/RS3 exploitation primitives


A vulnerable driver that imitates the bug that I found. It's a heap overflow in the session heap.


The deadlock-free technique to bypass the GDI pushlock mitigation.


Another technique based on reclaiming the heap block to bypass the GDI pushlock mitigation.

A pykd script that displays all the allowed/filtered system calls for each filter level. Make sure that you are in the process context of a process running in the session that you want to query.

$>.load pykd.pyd

$>!process 0 0 explorer.exe

PROCESS fffffa800330fb10
    SessionId: 1  Cid: 0580    Peb: 7fffffd7000  ParentCid: 0374
    DirBase: 0cf72000  ObjectTable: fffff8a0013d6c10  HandleCount: 595.
    Image: explorer.exe 

$>.process /i /r fffffa800330fb10
$>!py 5 5 0
win32k!_stub_UserSetWindowFeedbackSetting 0x146b
win32k!_stub_UserTransformPoint 0x147c
win32k!_stub_UserTransformRect 0x147d
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