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This is the Windows CHBTLauncher for CHBToken V5.x Wallet
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This is the Windows CHBTLauncher for CHBToken V5.x Wallet.

NOTE: For more information and source code please go to:


  • Never download the CHBTInstaller from any other source than this GitHub.
  • Backup your Wallet.dat file before you upgrade to CHBT V5.0.0.0, found in: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\CHBToken
  • Have your Wallet protected by setting an encryption password in: Settings / Encrypt Wallet
  • Never give anyone your password of the CHBT Wallet

CHBToken Prerequisites for Windows Wallet

CHBToken V5.0.0.0 needs the following Microsoft SW installed on your Windows PC.

.Net Framework 4.8 - ndp48-x86-allos-enu.exe

Visual Studio 2015-2019 Runtime Libraries - vcredist2019_x86.exe

If a prerequisite is missing the CHBTInstaller will stop and prepare these files for you to be installed manually.

The missing prerequisites will be prepared in: c:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\CHBTPreReq folder. Please read the README file within this folder if the CHBTInstaller finds any prerequisites missing. If all prerequisites are installed, the installation will proceed as normal and the CHBTPreReq folder will not be created.

NOTE: Once the prerequisites are installed you need to re-run the CHBTInstaller to complete the installation of CHBT V5.0.0.0.

CHBT V5.0.0.0 will not start without these prerequisites installed on your Windows PC.

Supported OS versions are: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10

CHBToken Source Code and Windows Wallet

The Source Code:

The Windows Wallet CHBTLauncher is available for download on (this repository): and download the latest release of CHBToken

Official Website:

CHBToken & CHBTPaygate

  • CHBToken is a PoS-based cryptocurrency.
  • CHBTPaygate is a secure document upload system with document storage and high security encryption.
  • CHBTPaygate provides an option to cryptographically sign and store encrypted documents on the CHBTPaygate Blockchain utilizing a 1MB encryption key and verification hash.

This Github contains only the CHBTokenLauncher for Windows Systems. It does not contain the source code. For Source Code please refer to the section:

CHBToken Overview

  • Initial Amount: 2.5 Million CHBToken only
  • Increase: 0.06 CHBToken per successful stake
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Type: PoS Coin
  • Maturity: 501 blocks
  • Transfer Maturity: 10 Blocks
  • Transfer Speed: Virtually instant (individual times vary slightly)
  • Protocol: 60018
  • First Block on: 2017-10-16 17:36:01
  • Name: CHBT

CHBToken Update from V4.7.5 to V5.0.0.0

  • 1.) Download latest version of CHBTokenLauncher from GitHub
  • 2.) Backup your Wallet.dat file and store it securely
  • 3.) Run the CHBTLauncher, this will install the new V5.0.0.0 on your PC
  • 4.) Start the CHBToken wallet V5.0.0.0 and let it sync if not in sync already

CHBToken Fresh Install of CHBToken V5.0.0.0

  • 1.) Download the CHBTInstaller
  • 2.) Run the CHBTinstaller, the V5.0.0.0 has an up to date chain included and will ensure that the wallet will be in sync within a few minutes.
  • 3.) Start the CHBToken wallet V5.0.0.0 and let it sync if not in sync already.

For fresh install we recommend also to encrypt your wallet using the encrypt functionality within the menu. Do not forget this password.

After successful installation and synchronisation you are ready to use the new wallet.

NOTE: The CHBTLauncher is for windows systems only.

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