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Ahmet Artu Yildirim (

Environmental researchers, modelers, water managers, and users 
often require access to high performance computing (HPC) resources 
for running data and computationally intensive models without being 
an HPC expert. To remedy this, science web portals have been created 
that integrate scientific models, data analysis, and tools to visualize 
results via web browsers. in this study, we present a general-purpose 
science gateway service named HydroGate created to access hetero-
geneous HPC storage and computational resources. HydroGate abstracts 
away many details and complexities involved in the use of HPC systems 
including authentication, authorization, data and job management, 
and encourages the sharing of scientific applications and promotes 
collaboration among scientists via unified access to HPC centers. 
HydroGate has been developed as part of the CI-WATER project which 
aims to broaden the application of cyberinfrastructure (CI) and HPC 
techniques into the domain of integrated water resources modeling. 
HydroGate is capable of dealing with various batch job schedulers and 
CI storage systems through a JSON-based manifest.

Funding for this work, by the U.S. National Science Foundation under 
grant EPS 1135482 is greatly appreciated. Any opinions, findings and 
conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those 
of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National 
Science Foundation.









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