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Welcome to the FID-A wiki!!

Thank you for using the FID Appliance (FID-A) toolkit for processing and simulation of in vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy data. I hope that you find this toolbox to be helpful to your MRS work. I also hope that you find the software to be well-documented and easy-to-use.

If you have any problems with the software - if you spot a bug, if you have questions about how to use any of the tools, or if you have any suggestions for improvement - please post a message in the "Issues" tab at the top of the page, and I will respond as quickly as possible. Alternatively, we have also opened a thread on the "NeuroStars" forum that is dedicated to discussion of FID-A related issues. You can find a link to that thread here: https://neurostars.org/tags/fid-a

As significant changes are made to the repository, I will post updates to this wiki. And all changes, both big and small, are tracked in the comments of each git commit.


Jamie Near

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