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Package description for CIR-KIT-Unit03 robot.
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cirkit_unit03_pkgs Build Status Slack

The container reposigory for all packages specifically related to CIR-KIT-Unit03.

For CIR-KIT-Unit03 instructions and tutorials, please see


This repository provides following packages. Supported ROS version is Indigo.

Basical packages for CIR-KIT-Unit03

Dependent packages for CIR-KIT-Unit03


From install script

1. Create catkinized workspace.
2. Clone this repository.
$ cd <catkin_ws>/src
$ git clone
3. Run install script.
$ cd <catkin_ws>/src/cirkit_unit03_pkgs
$ sh
  • optional arguments:
    • -h: show the help message and exit
    • -i: eneble rosdep init
    • -t: enable catkin_make run_tests
    • -r: remove existing src/.rosinstall

From command line

1. Create catkinized workspace.
2. Clone this repository.
$ cd <catkin_ws>/src
$ git clone
3. Download required packages by wstool.
$ cd <catkin_ws>
$ wstool init src
$ wstool merge -t src src/cirkit_unit03_pkgs/cirkit_unit03_pkgs.rosinstall
$ wstool update -t src
4. Download depended packages by rosdep.
$ cd <catkin_ws>
$ rosdep install -i -r -y --from-paths src --ignore-src
5. Build packages, and set the path for the packages.
$ cd <catkin_ws>
$ catkin_make
$ source devel/setup.bash

Directory configuration after Installation

└ src
   ├ cirkit_unit03_deps (Just a directory, not a metapacage)
   │   |
   |   ├ ira_laser_tools (Cloned via cirkit_unit03_pkgs.rosinstall)
   │   |
   |   ├ lower_step_detector (Cloned via cirkit_unit03_pkgs.rosinstall)
   │   |
   │   └ steer_drive_ros (Cloned via cirkit_unit03_pkgs.rosinstall)
   └ cirkit_unit03_pkgs
       ├ cirkit_unit03_pkgs (Metapackage)
       ├ cirkit_unit03_common (Cloned via cirkit_unit03_pkgs.rosinstall)
       ├ cirkit_unit03_navigation (Cloned via cirkit_unit03_pkgs.rosinstall)
       ├ cirkit_unit03_robot (Cloned via cirkit_unit03_pkgs.rosinstall)
       └ cirkit_unit03_simulator (Cloned via cirkit_unit03_pkgs.rosinstall)
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