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OVAL Repository

Welcome to the Center for Internet Security's OVAL Repository! In cooperation with the OVAL Community, we have established this repository to carry on the function and purpose of the original OVAL Repository (run by MITRE through July 31, 2015).

We hope this new repository reflects new and exciting progress within the OVAL Community to revitialize and refresh the quantity and quality of the content we produce and rely upon.

Consumers and contributors are invited to engage using this repository.

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Generating Files

Since the OVAL Repository Website is being deprecated, files can be generated by cloning the repository and using the scripts from [this page] (

Status: Work in Progress

Please note: this documentation is a work in progress. If you have questions or suggestions, please create an issue with a full description of your question or idea.

Getting Help, Making Suggestions

If you need help understanding and following this process, please post your questions to the OVAL Repository Mailing List.

If you encounter issues or have ideas for improving this process, please create an issue with a full description of your issue or idea.

Additional Resources