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Welcome to the CoW wiki!

This wiki adds to the CoW documentation and workshop slides, hands-on examples of transposing csv's into Linked Data. On the right hand side of the page you see the topics addressed. Topic 0 covers how the process of creating Linked Data works, while the remainder of the topics focus on augmenting your Linked Data.

The examples in the next sections are based on the following two columns by four rows dataset buurt.csv:

properties_name_in_uri |  Dienstboden
buurt-a                |  1,5
buurt-b                |  2,32
buurt-c                |  1,96
buurt-d                |  1,37

Where 'properties_name_in_uri' contains names of neighbourhoods in Amsterdam in the 19th century and 'Dienstboden' refers to the number of maids within a neighbourhood.

Occasionally, we use another example file:

personID | surname | male | occupation
012      | Fumes   | 0    | chimney sweep
013      | Careful | 1    | nurse
017      | Bushman | 1    | shrubber
019      | Oak     | 0    | woodturner


CoW doesn't moo for anyone. If you have never heard of Linked Data AND are easily put off by computer code, we believe it will be hard to work with CoW. This is a good place to start, but we recommend some training first (basically anywhere, but you could follow one of our 1-day workshops). That said, with some introduction, anyone with a BA in history should be able to run CoW and create Linked Data.

The wiki is still being expanded on, so please leave your thoughts and comments as issues.

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