Three interactive projects for the We Are Nature exhibition at Carnegie Museum of Natural History.
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We Are Nature

Nature Is Everywhere Banner

Nature Is Everywhere

An illustrated map of Pittsburgh sparkles. The visitor is prompted to select all of the parts of the map that contain nature: Parks? Farms? Downtown? The only correct answer is that they all contain nature. In any case, the visitor is presented with a fact about wildlife in Pittsburgh.

Future Action Banner

Future Action

This interactive was designed to encourage individuals to get involved with Pittsburgh organizations that deal with enviromental issues. An illustrated landscape is labeled with five climate-related systems: Water, Food, Energy, Habitat and Transportation. The visitor selects a system and is shown three actions related to that system. The visitor selects an action and pledges to complete it. They can opt to recieve two emails: The first is sent immediately, it provides links to local organizations working on that action. The second email is sent in six months to remind them of the pledge they made. On a seperate screen, we display a tally of which systems visitors have pledged to protect.

Migration Patterns Data Viz Banner

Migration Patterns Data Visualization

Are birds migrating sooner due to global warming? According to data collected at Powdermill Nature Reserve, the answer is yes. This playful visualization features over 6000 frames of animation, showing how birds migrate, mate, and raise their young. Visitors can scrub through a year at Powdermill using a spinning knob. They can also switch between data sets to compare the birds behavior 50 years ago and now.

Please see project folders for further instruction.