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Tools4MSP is a python-based Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for geospatial analysis in support of Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) and marine environmental management. Tools4MSP implements models for Cumulative Effects Assessment (CEA), Maritime Use Conflict (MUC) Analysis and Marine Ecosystem Services Threat (MES-Threat) analysis. The package can be used as stand-alone library or as integrated GeoNode Plugin providing additional functionalities to geospatial CMS and enhancing usability through a graphical user interface (GUI).


The webtools (GeoNode integration) analysis workflow follows a four step approach:

  • Step 0: Webtool selection: The user can select among CEA, MUC and MES-Threat webtools
  • Step 1: Case study selection: The user can select the area of interest for the webtools application.
  • Step 2: Dataset configuration: The user can select the environmental components, human activities and MSFD pressure for the model run.
  • Step 3: Results & Outputs: The user can view, explore, share, document and download geospatial and statistical results of the model run.

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Tools4MSP is currenlty implemented into the Tools4MPS Geoplatform (

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How to Cite

Please, when you use the Tools4MSP software cite it as:

Menegon, S., Sarretta, A., Barbanti, A., Gissi, E., Venier, C., 2016. Open source tools to support Integrated Coastal Management and Maritime Spatial Planning, in: Marchesini, I., Pierleoni, A. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 4th Open Source Geospatial Research and Education Symposium (OGRS2016). Perugia.

Menegon, S., Depellegrin, D., Farella, G., Sarretta, A., Venier, C., Barbanti, A., 2018. Addressing cumulative effects, maritime conflicts and ecosystem services threats through MSP-oriented geospatial webtools. Ocean & Coastal Management 163, 417–436.

The CEA model is fully described in:

Menegon, S., Depellegrin, D., Farella, G., Gissi, E., Ghezzo, M., Sarretta, A., Venier, C., Barbanti, A., 2018. A modelling framework for MSP-oriented cumulative effects assessment. Ecological Indicators 91, 171–181.

The multi-objective approach is presented in:

Depellegrin, D., Menegon, S., Farella, G., Ghezzo, M., Gissi, E., Sarretta, A., Venier, C., Barbanti, A., 2017. Multi-objective spatial tools to inform maritime spatial planning in the Adriatic Sea. Science of The Total Environment 609, 1627–1639.