SourceMod plugin for tool assisted functions such as rewind, timeline manipulation, replay bots.
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Source Tool Assist

Plugin helper for tool assists. Supports stitching a run together with rewind or tick by tick advancement. With replays on a bot and allows editing of that bot in spectator. Includes zones and tick timer.


  • sm_sta - Open main plugin menu.
  • sm_zones - Open zone edit menu.
  • sm_stepback - Step back a single tick in edit mode.
  • sm_stepforward - Step forward a single tick in edit mode.
  • +sm_rewind - Start rewinding with speed factor in edit mode.
  • +sm_fastforward - Fast forward with speed factor in edit mode.
  • sm_zone_gridsize - Parameter which to snap zone creation points to.
  • sm_respawn - Respawns the player if they are dead.


  • sm_sta_teledist - Default: 9216. Maximum velocity length to signal a teleport.