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COVID-19 3D prints and projects

I. About us / Our work

II. Designs

III. Current needs / print recommendations - Updated 8/21

IV. Getting parts to us

This repo will stay updated with the latest information and source files.

Our work

CRASH Space has been working with USC Keck, Cedars-Sinai and others on the front line of this pandemic. With these clinical partners, we have developed and refined designs for face shields, face masks and ear savers, and rallied the community to build them. For the latest information on our work:

We launched our GoFundMe on 4/10, and cannot thank our donors enough.

If you'd like to help build or assemble, let us know at or on this volunteer form.

Drop off

We are collecting donations and assembling kits at: 6323 W 80th St, Los Angeles, CA 90045. Times will be posted on our calendar.

Dropzone outside

No contact drop-off area:

Dropzone doorway drop

IF YOU MAKE SOMETHING, please let us know here (We love pictures!):

IF YOU'D LIKE A DONATION RECEIPT, you can get one here:

Print recommendation:

As of late July, demand for clinical face shields has tapered off as supply chains have caught up. We will announce periodic sprint runs as individual requests come in, and maintain this page for others wanting to produce PPE designs we've validated. As the situation evolves, we too will adapt.

Sprint Run 8/14 - 8/26: 3DVerkstan Face Shields, V5 -- Extended to 8/26

Sanitation Guidelines

Sprint Run 8/14 - 8/26: 3DVerkstan Face Shields, V5

Face shield

LA EOC requested 2000 non-clinical face shields. We can handle making the shields, but need visors printed.

If you are making some for yourself or another group and need the shield information: This version uses clear 8.5" x 11" sheets, 3-hole punched to this shape. Instructions here. OR for large numbers, make this drill jig from Midsouth Makers Verkstan drill jig

Budmen Face Shields V5

Face shield

Cedars and Keck approved for immediate use. Assembly instructions are here. As of 5/25, we are receiving injection molded visors to fill our outstanding requests.

NOTE: Our template is different from the stock Budmen shield: Modified Cedars Budmen shield template. Laser template is here: Cedars_Budmen_shield_v1cut.pdf

Budmen Scrunchie strap

Budmen Scrunchie Strap

Made in response to elastic shortages we faced one month in, these are also more easily sanitized than elastic. Very useful for remote hospitals. PET or PETG only.

Ear Savers

Ear Saver

Mask bands not tugging on ears == More comfortable. More comfortable == Wear the mask longer (safer) + Adjust the mask less (safer). If you have a smaller printer, making these is a perfect way to help.

Fabric Face Masks

Sewn Face Mask

USCSW Face Masks

Face Mask Assembly

As of 5/25, we have filled our outstanding requests. We can collect any you have already printed.

Laser Cut Aerosol Box

Cedars Aerosol Box

Delivered: 1 evaluation unit for intubation testing

SMP Face Shield

Just informational. USC Keck evaluated, and chose the Budmen design instead.

SMP Face shield

THANK YOU. Yes, you.


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