Mandrill Mailer for SilverStripe
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Mandrill Mailer for SilverStripe to send SilverStripe Email through the service.

This is a new Silverstripe Mailer services that communicates with the Mandrill PHP SDK to send email through their service. The benefits of which are outlined at


As well as delivering mail through Mandrill this module contains a controller that will accept Mandrill events set up through their Webhook and Rules system


This module requires Silverstripe, I've tested this with version 2.4, 3.0 and 3.1


You can either install this through composer or through placing this module alongside the cms and framework directories. If you are manually installing this you'll need to download the Mandrill SDK


Inside the _config.php file you'll notice there are three lines that set out the instantiation of the Mailer - you'll need a Mandrill API key in place of APIKEYHERE. You can of course leve these commented out and set the mailer at a more specific month.

// $mailer = new MandrillMailer('APIKEYHERE');
// $mailer->set_track_opens(true);
// $mailer->set_track_clicks(true);

All of these functions map to their mandrill properties with $mailer->set_property;

  • important
  • track_opens
  • track_clicks
  • auto_text
  • auto_html
  • inline_css
  • url_strip_qs
  • preserve_recipients
  • view_content_link
  • tracking_domain
  • signing_domain
  • return_path_domain
  • tags
  • subaccount
  • google_analytics_domains
  • google_analytics_campaign
  • metadata
  • ip_pool
  • async
  • send_at


  • Integrate Templating through the mandrill service