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hekate - Nyx

Image of Hekate

Custom Graphical Nintendo Switch bootloader, firmware patcher, tools, and many more.

Bootloader folders and files

Folder/File Description
bootloader Main folder.
|__ bootlogo.bmp It is used when custom is on and no logopath found. Can be skipped.
|__ hekate_ipl.ini Main bootloader configuration and boot entries.
|__ patches.ini Add external patches. Can be skipped. A template can be found here
|__ update.bin If newer, it is loaded at boot. For modchips. Auto updated. Can be skipped.
bootloader/ini/ For individual inis. 'More configs...' menu. Autoboot is supported.
bootloader/res/ Nyx user resources. Icons and more.
|__ background.bmp Nyx - custom background.
|__ icon_switch.bmp Nyx - Default icon for CFWs.
|__ icon_payload.bmp Nyx - Default icon for Payloads.
|__ icon_lakka.bmp Nyx - Default icon for Lakka.
bootloader/sys/ For system modules.
|__ emummc.kipm emuMMC KIP1 module. Important!
|__ libsys_lp0.bso LP0 (sleep mode) module. Important!
|__ libsys_minerva.bso Minerva Training Cell. Used for DRAM Frequency training. Important!
|__ nyx.bin Nyx - Our GUI. Important!
|__ res.pak Nyx resources package. Important!
bootloader/screenshots/ Folder where Nyx screenshots are saved
bootloader/payloads/ For payloads. 'Payloads...' menu. Autoboot only supported by including them into an ini. All CFW bootloaders, tools, Linux payloads are supported.
bootloader/libtools/ Future reserved
sept Sept folder. This must always get updated via the Atmosphère release zip. Needed for tools and booting HOS on 7.0.0 and up. Unused for booting HOS if fss0= key is defined.

Note: Sept files for booting 7.0.0 and up are expected at /sept folder at root of sd card.

Bootloader configuration

The bootloader can be configured via 'bootloader/hekate_ipl.ini' (if it is present on the SD card). Each ini section represents a boot entry, except for the special section 'config' that controls the global configuration.

There are four possible type of entries. "[ ]": Boot entry, "{ }": Caption, "#": Comment, "newline": .ini cosmetic newline.

You can find a template Here

Global Configuration keys/values when boot entry is config:

Config option Description
autoboot=0 0: Disable, #: Boot entry number to auto boot.
autoboot_list=0 0: Read autoboot boot entry from hekate_ipl.ini, 1: Read from ini folder (ini files are ASCII ordered).
bootwait=3 0: Disable (It also disables bootlogo. Having VOL- pressed since injection goes to menu.), #: Time to wait for VOL- to enter menu.
autohosoff=1 0: Disable, 1: If woke up from HOS via an RTC alarm, shows logo, then powers off completely, 2: No logo, immediately powers off.
autonogc=1 0: Disable, 1: Automatically applies nogc patch if unburnt fuses found and a >= 4.0.0 HOS is booted.
bootprotect=0 0: Disable, 1: Protect bootloader folder from being corrupted by disallowing reading or editing in HOS.
updater2p=0 0: Disable, 1: Force updates (if needed) the reboot2payload binary to be hekate.
backlight=100 Screen backlight level. 0-255.

Nyx Global Configuration keys/values for (nyx.ini):

Config option Description
themecolor=167 Sets Nyx color of text highlights.
timeoff=100 Sets time offset in HEX. Must be in HOS epoch format
homescreen=0 Sets home screen. 0: Home menu, 1: All configs (merges Launch and More configs), 2: Launch, 3: More Configs.
verification=1 0: Disable Backup/Restore verification, 1: Sparse (block based, fast and mostly reliable), 2: Full (sha256 based, slow and 100% reliable).
umsemmcrw=0 1: eMMC/emuMMC UMS will be mounted as writable by default.
jcdisable=0 1: Disables Joycon driver completely.
bpmpclock=1 0: Auto, 1: Faster, 2: Fast. Use 2 if Nyx hangs or some functions like UMS/Backup Verification fail.

Boot entry key/value combinations:

Config option Description
warmboot={SD path} Replaces the warmboot binary
secmon={SD path} Replaces the security monitor binary
kernel={SD path} Replaces the kernel binary
kip1={SD path} Replaces/Adds kernel initial process. Multiple can be set.
kip1={SD folder}/* Loads every .kip/.kip1 inside a folder. Compatible with single kip1 keys.
fss0={SD path} Takes a fusee-secondary binary and extracts all needed parts from it. kips, exosphere, warmboot and sept.
fss0experimental=1 Enables loading of experimental content from a FSS0 storage
exofatal={SD path} Replaces the exosphere fatal binary for Mariko
kip1patch=patchname Enables a kip1 patch. Specify with multiple lines and/or as CSV. If not found, an error will show up
fullsvcperm=1 Disables SVC verification (full services permission)
debugmode=1 Enables Debug mode. Obsolete when used with exosphere as secmon.
atmosphere=1 Enables Atmosphère patching. Not needed when fss0 is used.
emupath={SD folder} Forces emuMMC to use the selected one. (=emuMMC/RAW1, =emuMMC/SD00, etc). emuMMC must be created by hekate because it uses the raw_based/file_based files.
emummcforce=1 Forces the use of emuMMC. If emummc.ini is disabled or not found, then it causes an error.
emummc_force_disable=1 Disables emuMMC, if it's enabled.
stock=1 Disables unneeded kernel patching and CFW kips when running stock or semi-stock. If emuMMC is enabled, emummc_force_disabled=1 is required. emuMMC is not supported on stock. If additional KIPs are needed other than OFW's, you can define them with kip1 key. No kip should be used that relies on Atmosphère patching, because it will hang. If NOGC is needed, use kip1patch=nogc.
id=idname Identifies boot entry for forced boot via id. Max 7 chars.
payload={SD path} Payload launching. Tools, Linux, CFW bootloaders, etc.
logopath={SD path} If no logopath, bootloader/bootlogo.bmp will be used if exists. If logopath exists, it will load the specified bitmap.
icon={SD path} Force Nyx to use the icon defined here. If this is not found, it will check for a bmp named as the boot entry ([Test 2] -> bootloader/res/Test 2.bmp). Otherwise default will be used.

Note1: When using the wildcard (/*) with kip1 you can still use the normal kip1 after that to load extra single kips.

Note2: When using FSS0 it parses exosphere, warmboot and all core kips. You can override the first 2 by using secmon/warmboot after defining fss0. You can define kip1 to load an extra kip or many via the wildcard (/*) usage.

Warning: Careful when you define fss0 core kips when using fss0 or the folder (when using /*) includes them. This is in case the kips are incompatible between them. If compatible, you can override fss0 kips with no issues (useful for testing with intermediate kip changes).

Boot entry key/value Exosphère combinations:

Config option Description
nouserexceptions=1 Disables usermode exception handlers when paired with Exosphère.
userpmu=1 Enables user access to PMU when paired with Exosphère.
cal0blank=1 Overrides Exosphère config blank_prodinfo_{sys/emu}mmc. If that key doesn't exist, exosphere.ini will be used.
cal0writesys=1 Overrides Exosphère config allow_writing_to_cal_sysmmc. If that key doesn't exist, exosphere.ini will be used.
usb3force=1 Overrides system settings mitm config usb30_force_enabled. If that key doesn't exist, system_settings.ini will be used.

Note: cal0blank, cal0writesys, usb3force, as stated override the exosphere.ini or system_settings.ini. 0: Disable, 1: Enable, Key Missing: Use original value.

Note2: blank_prodinfo_{sys/emu}mmc, allow_writing_to_cal_sysmmc and usb30_force_enabled in exosphere.ini and system_settings.ini respectively, are the only atmosphere config keys that can affect hekate booting configuration externally, if the equivalent keys in hekate config are missing.

Payload storage:

hekate has a boot storage in the binary that helps it configure it outside of BPMP enviroment:

Offset / Name Description
'0x94' boot_cfg bit0: Force AutoBoot, bit1: Show launch log, bit2: Boot from ID, bit3: Boot to emuMMC, bit7: sept run.
'0x95' autoboot If Force AutoBoot: 0: Force go to menu, else boot that entry.
'0x96' autoboot_list If Force AutoBoot and autoboot then it boots from ini folder.
'0x97' extra_cfg When menu is forced: bit5: Run UMS, bit7: Run Dump pkg1/2.
'0x98' xt_str[128] Depends on the set cfg bits.
'0x98' ums[1] When Run UMS is set, it will launch the selected UMS. 0: SD, 1: eMMC BOOT0, 2: eMMC BOOT1, 3: eMMC GPP, 4: emuMMC BOOT0, 5: emuMMC BOOT1, 6: emuMMC GPP,
'0x98' id[8] When Boot from ID is set, it will search all inis automatically and find the boot entry with that id and boot it. Must be NULL terminated.
'0xA0' emummc_path[120] When Boot to emuMMC is set, it will override the current emuMMC (boot entry or emummc.ini). Must be NULL terminated.

If the main .ini is not found, it is created on the first hekate boot.

hekate  (c) 2018,      naehrwert, st4rk.
        (c) 2018-2021, CTCaer.

Nyx GUI (c) 2019-2021, CTCaer.

Thanks to: derrek, nedwill, plutoo, shuffle2, smea, thexyz, yellows8.
Greetings to: fincs, hexkyz, SciresM, Shiny Quagsire, WinterMute.

Open source and free packages used:
 - FatFs R0.13a, Copyright (c) 2017, ChaN
 - bcl-1.2.0, Copyright (c) 2003-2006, Marcus Geelnard
 - Atmosphère (Exosphere types/panic, prc id kernel patches),
   Copyright (c) 2018-2019, Atmosphère-NX
 - elfload, Copyright (c) 2014 Owen Shepherd, Copyright (c) 2018 M4xw
 - Littlev Graphics Library, Copyright (c) 2016 Gabor Kiss-Vamosi

                      .-'   `'.
                     /         \
                     |         ;
                     |         |           ___.--,
            _.._     |0) = (0) |    _.---'`__.-( (_.
     __.--'`_.. '.__.\    '--. \_.-' ,.--'`     `""`
    ( ,.--'`   ',__ /./;   ;, '.__.'`    __
    _`) )  .---.__.' / |   |\   \__..--""  """--.,_
   `---' .'.''-._.-'`_./  /\ '.  \ _.--''````'''--._`-.__.'
         | |  .' _.-' |  |  \  \  '.               `----`
          \ \/ .'     \  \   '. '-._)
           \/ /        \  \    `=.__`'-.
           / /\         `) )    / / `"".`\
     , _.-'.'\ \        / /    ( (     / /
      `--'`   ) )    .-'.'      '.'.  | (
             (/`    ( (`          ) )  '-;   [switchbrew]