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A Chi­nese edi­tion of the Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2ε
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The Not So Short Introduction To LaTeX (Chinese Edition), v6.01


This document is distributed under the GNU Free Documentation License, version 1.3. For detailed information, see the section entitled 'GNU Free Documentation License' in the document, or the source code file fdl.tex.

Preparation for typesetting

Update ctex and xeCJK (and all the packages they rely on) in your TeX distritusion. And make sure you've installed all the other packages used in lshort-zh-cn-style.sty and updated them to the newest version.


Manually typesetting

In 'src' directory, typeset the source code in the following order:

xelatex lshort-zh-cn
makeindex -s lshort-zh-cn
xelatex lshort-zh-cn
xelatex lshort-zh-cn

If typesetting succeeds and the target PDF document is made correctly, then move it to the root directory.

Using scripts and Makefile

For GNU/Linux and OS/X users, we provide Makefile in the 'src' directory. Use GNU make tool in the following order:

make install

For Windows users, we also provide a batch file make.bat in the 'src' directory, which you can double-click to do the typesetting.

Using latexmk

We also provide latexmkrc configuration file for building with latexmk tool. Run the command latexmk in src directory for typesetting, then move the PDF document to the root directory.

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