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CVE Automation Working Group Git Pilot

The CVE Automation Working Group is piloting use of git to share information about public vulnerabilities. The goal is to learn not only what features are necessary to support the "plumbing" of sending and receiving the data, but also which attributes and metadata are needed in the CVE format to support automation.

See How to Contribute for details on participating in this pilot.

This repository holds information included in the CVE List formatted using the CVE JSON format.

Use of the CVE information in this repository is subject to the CVE Terms of Use.

Overview of the Repository

Information about each CVE id is stored as a unique file in the repo in a subdirectory based on the year as well as the numeric portion of the id, truncated by 1,000. Thus, 2017/3xxx is for CVE-2017-3000 - CVE-2017-3999, and 2017/1002xxx is for CVE-2017-1002000 - CVE-2017-1002999.

The CVE Team updates these files automatically every hour using information from the CVE List, provided there have been changes. The synchronization job kicks off at the top of the hour and should complete within 5 minutes.

For ids that have been populated, the files contain the description and references that appear in the CVE List. They may also contain information about the affected product(s) and problem type(s), which CNAs have been supplying when making assignments during the past year but which is not included in the CVE List. And going forward, it is hoped that they will contain a richer collection of information about the vulnerability, as supported by the full CVE JSON schema.


Direct questions, comments, or concerns about use of this repo to the CVE Team using the CVE Request web form.


Pilot program for CVE submission through GitHub






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