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Spicy Networking for Bevy spicy

bevy_spicy_networking is a solution to the "How do I connect multiple clients to a single server" problem in your bevy games.

Using tokio as the asynchronous backend, it fully integrates into bevy to allow you to quickly add networking to your game. Simply add either the server/client plugins, register the types of messages you plan on receiving and listen for them as events!

It is meant as a unifying crate for networking. Other crates can extend your game by registering their own messages. This is achieved through the amazing typetag crate.



You can check out the online documentation, or build it yourself by cloning this repo and running cargo doc -p bevy_spicy_networking.

For examples, check out the examples directory.

  • In you will find a simple chat server, that broadcasts the messages it receives from clients
  • In you will find a simple graphical chat client, where you can connect to a server and send messages to

(Note: Since bevy does not include a text input widget, it is a very simplified demo. This should be easy to extend once the UI part of bevy is more complete.)


  1. Add bevy_spicy_networking, serde_derive and typetag to your Cargo.toml
  2. Create the messages you wish to exchange beetween a client and server, or vice-versa.
    • Implement Serialize and Deserialize from Serde on it
    • Implement NetworkMessage, and make sure to annotate it with typetag::serde
    • Implement ServerMessage when it is sent to the server from a client
    • Implement ClientMessage when it is sent to a client from the server
#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize)]
struct WhisperMessage {
    recipient: UserId,
    message: String,

impl NetworkMessage for WhisperMessage {}

// In this case, its a client sending a message to a server
impl ServerMessage for WhisperMessage {
    const NAME: &'static str = "example:WhisperMessage"; // This name needs to be unique!
    // Otherwise, the recipient will mix up the messages
  1. On the recipient side, register the type to be received
use bevy_spicy_networking::AppNetworkServerMessage;

let appbuilder: &mut AppBuilder = /* Get an AppBuilder, which is returned by bevy from App::build() */;

// Now whenever a client sends a `WhisperMessage` the server will generate an event of
// `NetworkData<WhisperMessage>` which your application can then handle
  1. Listen for events of that type
fn handle_incoming_whisper_messages(
    mut whisper_messages: EventReader<NetworkMessage<WhisperMessage>>,
) {
    for whisper_message in whisper_messages.iter() {
        // Handle the whisper
  1. Enjoy easy and 🌶 networking in your game!

Bevy Version Compatibility

Simply pick the version compatible to your bevy version:

Bevy Spicy Networking Bevy
0.5 0.5

Any version that is not compatible with the latest bevy version is in maintenance mode. It will only receive minor bug fixes from my side, or community supplied ones.

Supported Platforms

Currently only Linux and Windows are officially supported, I don't see why MacOS wouldn't be, but I do not have a Mac to test. If you have a Mac, and wish to test it out and report back, please let me know!


Currently bevy_spicy_networking uses TCP only. This will change at some point, with individual messages being able to specify how they should be delivered. This change will be compatible, or with only minor changes necessary.

Crates using bevy_spicy_networking

Currently none, you can help by expanding this list. Just send a PR and add it to the table below!

Name Version
- -


To contribute, simply fork the repository and send a PR. Feel free to chat me up on the bevy discord under @Hemera#2040 if you have any questions or suggestions.