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Juniper is a tree-based graph visualization tool developed at the Visualization Design Lab at the University of Utah, with contributions from Marc Streit's lab at JKU Linz, in Austria.

This is a branch of Lineage, a genealogy visualization tool. Lineage and Juniper use some common technology. A better separation will follow in the future.



Install with all dependencies

Install software from Prerequisites section

sudo npm install -g yo

The following command will create a lineage directory relative to the current one:

yo phovea:setup-workspace lineage_product

The first prompt will be: SSH clone Yes/No. No means HTTPS cloning, which is generally easier. If you prefer SSH have your GitHub SSH access set up.

Change into the new directory:

cd lineage

In this directory (lineage), you will have (at least) two subdirectories lineage which hosts the client code, and lineage_server which hosts the server code.

An optional next step is to install the phovea_core via git. If you do that, you'll be able to easily step into the core. We currently develop against the develop branch, so we need to switch to that:

git clone
cd phovea_core
git checkout develop

Next install and run the server via docker, from the lineage root directory:

docker-compose up -d

Finally, out of the same directory, run the client:

npm run start:lineage

Version Control

Use 'git' in the subdirectories lineage and lineage_server to commit, push, pull, etc.

For pulls you can also use

./foreach git pull

Updating Libraries

To update the dependencies, run:

yo phovea:update

This project is part of Caleydo and used Phovea, a platform for developing web-based visualization applications developed by the Caleydo team. For tutorials, API docs, and more information about the build and deployment process, see the documentation page.

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