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Call for Code® for Racial Justice

Police/judicial reform & accountability, diverse representation, policy & legislation reform solution starters. Commit to the cause. Push for change.

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  1. The main repository for information on Call for Code® for Racial Justice projects, hosted by The Linux Foundation.


  2. To help public defenders better serve their clients, Open Sentencing shows racial bias in data such as demographics providing insights for each case

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  3. Five Fifths Voter is a web application tool designed to enable and empower Black people and others to exercise their right to vote by ensuring their voice is heard

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  4. Incident Accuracy Reporting System (IARS) is a Content Management application that addresses the issue of transparency surrounding police incident reporting by allowing witnesses and/or victims to …

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  5. "Legit Info" app helps residents understand the impact of legislation and policies based on their country, state, county, city, district location

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  6. The Truth-Loop solution helps communities simply understand the policies, regulations and legislation that will impact them the most and allows them to share their experiences around how policies h…

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