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What is this project?

Welcome! This repository is a collection of projects for prodommes, perverts, and programmers of prostate pleasure. Each website or library here has a common thread: it can make your bluetooth-connected sex toys vibrate with no app, less headache, and better security.

It was born during a time where "socially-distant sex" was something people actually said - and hopefully the toys inside will be fun enough to endure even when we can safely touch each others' parts again.

Who built these?

Everything you see was lovingly crafted by me, Cammy Leone.

I'm a lot of things - I chameleon as a slutty performance artist (book me for your party!), porn performer and producer (book me for your porn!), and apparently I also write code for vibrating your sex toys.

You can buy my media and follow me on social media at

What's inside?

Say (it Again)

Repetition is the key to learning to be the best submissive you can be. Whether for punishment, or for worship, or for pure entertainment, you can give your submissive a writing assignment with Say (it Again).

Make them type any phrase - like "I am a brainless slave to <YOUR NAME HERE>" - a hundred times, without typos, to prove their devotion.

Each line they type creates stronger vibrations (and makes the next line more of a challenge). Drive your point home with Say (it Again):


Let's review the status quo of getting a partner to control your toy. The conversation goes like this:

"Okay, you need to find the Lovense app on the App Store install it. Installed? Cool. Now create an account. No, you don't have to use a real email address. Cool, what's your username? Okay, I sent you a friend request; you've gotta accept it. Awesome, you're my friend now. I just sent you a remote pairing request; did you get it? Good. Now you can click the "Live Control" button and slide my sliders around."

Most people get bored or confused about 2 steps into process and never bother using these toys with partners. That's why Vibe was built. With Vibe, it looks like this:

"Go to Vibe. See my name and the slider underneath? Drag the slider around, and it - ohhhh yep, whnn yuu mmmm 🤤 mhmmm 💦

Also! Vibe works with groups of people. Control up to 20 friends' toys in real time.


Some findommes like to drain wallets using RT games in which every like / retweet / comment adds to the amount of debt the submissive owes after a certain amount of time.

This is a site that lets you and your submissive watch the amount go up in real-time. As a bonus, you can attach a toy and get extra excitement - the more money owed, the stronger the vibrations.

Click this link to start a new Rinse.


Got a website with a button that begs to be clicked? Need to give your website customers some encouragement to click an important link?

This script, when embedded on your website, imbues an HTML element with the magical power of making your user's bluetooth-enabled sex toy vibrate. As their cursor gets closer to the button, it vibrates more strongly!

Install it now, if you want to.


Does someone need to be put into a trance-like submissive state?

Goon will do that for you. Bring your own photos and a vibrating toy! This app will display the photos on a continuous random loop, until the user is mesmerized and fixated on whatever they're looking at.

For extra-twisted folx, feel free to plug in photos of something you're reluctant to be turned on by 😈

Drooling and orgasms are optional with Goon.


All of the above apps are powered by react-buttplug. It's not published to NPM yet, but it will be soon. Give me a poke if you want me to hurry up on that.


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