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Kitties Versus Dragons, aka "Die Kitty Dai"

Local System Installation

Pull down the cheshire repo to run a local instance of Cryptokitties with some helper scripts:

Run the installation for cheshire, then yarn start.

Pull down this repo, then:

npm install
truffle compile
truffle deploy --network cheshire

Notice: Running a second time

When deploying to cheshire, the network ID can change. In this case, you may need to rm -rf build so that the test scripts identify the correct testnet network ID automatically.


You need to provide keys for each network type:

.testnet.secret.key # for the local cheshire network

There are a bunch of scripts in the scripts directory, the format to run them is:

node scripts/[script.js] [testnet/rinkeby/mainnet] [any arguments]

Getting Kitties

By default, all of the kitties you can mint yourself on the cheshire repo go to the first address in the accounts object, aka the owner. You can mint test kitties through cheshire by going to that repo and running yarn run script ./scripts/import-bug-cat.js

Sending Kitties to the Contract

Like with WrappedCK, you need to approve each individual Cryptokitty transfer by approving the DragonKitty contract. There's a script that automates this for the owner account:

node scripts/approveCKDragonKitty.js [testnet/rinkeby/mainnet] [kittyId]

Example: node scripts/approveCKDragonKitty.js testnet 3

Then you can sacrifice your kitties to the boss using:

node scripts/sacrifice.js [testnet/rinkeby/mainnet] [kittyId]

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