Some dotfile setups for people who want a jump start on things like vim and tmux.
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Current setup for vim and tmux


  • Run git clone ~/.vim

init.vim should by symlinked to .vimrc

  • Run ln -s ~/.vim/init.vim ~/.vimrc

tmux.conf should be symlinked to ~/.tmux.conf

  • Run ln -s ~/.vim/tmux.conf ~/.tmux.conf

Install vundle

  • Run git clone ~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim

Install Silver Searcher

  • Run brew install the_silver_searcher

Install fzf for fuzzy searching

  • brew install fzf
  • You'll see a helpful hint at the end something like
To install useful keybindings and fuzzy completion:
  • Run that and agree to the three questions
  • Finally add this line to your shell config export FZF_DEFAULT_COMMAND='ag -g ""'
  • That line makes it so FZF will respect your .gitignore when searching

Create a custom-config.vim file

  • This file is not tracked by git, it is where you should put all custom stuff. This helps avoid merge conflicts when doing a git pull.

  • These are just files in ~/.vim/colors directory

Configure the mac terminal (for vim-move to work)

  • In Terminal: Profiles -> Keyboard -> "Use Option as Meta key"
  • In iTerm: Profiles -> Keys -> "Left option key acts as" +Esc


Installing neovim - (On Mac)

  • brew install neovim/neovim/neovim

The command nvim should exist now, you could alias vim to nvim if you want
Now you'll want python3 enabled for neovim to use the autocomplete functionality

  • If you don't have python3 run brew install python3
  • You should now have pip3
  • Run pip3 install neovim
  • Run the command :echo has("python3") inside of neovim
  • If it returns 1 you're in business
  • Run :PluginInstall
  • Now run :UpdateRemotePlugins to enable deoplete (the autocomplete plugin)
  • If it returns 0 this page could help

Now you need neovim to run your vim settings

  • Run mkdir ~/.config (Unless you already have said directory)

Now symlink a nvim directory in here to your .vim directory (this repo)

  • Run ln -s ~/.vim ~/.config/nvim

ctrl+h tmux bug

If you're setting up NeoVim on Mac for the first time you should run the commands

infocmp $TERM | sed 's/kbs=^[hH]/kbs=\\177/' > $TERM.ti
tic $TERM.ti

As per
Otherwise ctrl + h won't switch between panes in tmux

Install font

I'd suggest FiraCode as a starting point