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Algorand SDK for Unity

Integrate your game with Algorand, a Pure Proof-of-Stake blockchain overseen by the Algorand Foundation. Create Algorand transactions, Algorand accounts, and use Algorand's REST APIs.

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This package supports the following build targets and Unity versions:

Unity Version Windows Mac OS Linux Android iOS WebGL
  • ✅ All APIs are supported.
  • ❌ Not supported. Use at your own risk.

Common Usages

Make a payment transaction:

using Algorand.Unity;

var sender = "<your sender address>";
var receiver = "<your receiver address>";
var algod = new AlgodClient("");
var suggestedTxnParams = await algod.GetSuggestedParams();
var microAlgosToSend = 1_000_000L;
var paymentTxn = Transaction.Payment(sender, suggestedTxnParams, receiver, microAlgosToSend);

Sign the transaction with an account:

var account = Account.GenerateAccount();
var signedTxn = account.SignTxn(paymentTxn);

Sign the transaction with kmd:

var kmd = new KmdClient("<host of kmd>");
var walletToken = await kmd.InitWalletHandleToken("<your wallet id>", "<your wallet password>");
var signedTxn = await kmd.SignTransaction(paymentTxn.Sender, paymentTxn.ToSignatureMessage(), walletToken, "<your kmd wallet password>");

Send the signed transaction:

await algod.SendTransaction(signedTxn);


Unity Asset Store

Algorand SDK for Unity is now available!

Asset Package

Each release contains a .unitypackage package file that can be installed into a project.

  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Import the .unitypackage file into your project.

Open UPM

The easiest way to install as a package is to use Open UPM as it manages your scopes automatically. You can install Open UPM here. Then use the Open UPM CLI at the root of your Unity project to install.

> cd <your unity project>
> openupm add com.careboo.unity-algorand-sdk

Manually Adding UPM Scopes

If you don't want to use Open UPM, it's straightforward to manually add the UPM registry scopes required for this package. See Unity's official documentation on Scoped Registries. Modify your scopes to include the following:

  "scopedRegistries": [
      "name": "",
      "url": "",
      "scopes": [

Getting Started

Read Getting Started to learn the basic workflows for developing on Algorand.

Documentation Site

Docs for this version were generated at


Some of the samples are built on WebGL and hosted on GitHub Pages.