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# notes to review when setting up production systems
tune2fs - disable fsck on boot. maybe. it took 45 min in 2009 to fsck a 200g ext2 box. I use ext4 now, so maybe not a problem
nfs server:
vi /etc/exports
nfs client:
sudo vi /etc/fstab
ve:/video /video nfs noauto,rw,nfsvers=3 0 0
volenteer requriemenst page on ndv
stare at screen, don't leave room, don't use your phone, watch videos before
overview of good video:
switch to slide, read, switch back to presenter
use pnp when the fonts are big,
or so to let the viewer know the slide hasn't changed
it is easier for people to understand what a presenter is saying when they can see the body language. especially for people who are not native.
setup: postgresql install/config. nfs install/config, apache...
mkfs.ext4 -L disk25 -O sparse_super,extent,uninit_bg -E lazy_itable_init=1 -m 0 /dev/abc
/etc/default/rcS and change 'fsckfix' to yes
that tells it to shut the fuck up and do whatever without prompting you
bios: don't stop on error
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