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Worms 2 Plus

An easy-to-install patch that makes the game run on modern computers with extra features. This has been tested on both the CD and GOG versions of Worms 2.


Download the latest version

How to Play

There is no need to set any Windows compatibility settings.

  • Launch the game by running either:
    • start.exe or frontend.exe (to skip intro videos) from the game's installed folder
    • The "Worms 2 Plus" or "Worms 2 Plus Frontend" shortcuts on your Desktop (Windows only)
  • Online Play - all players need to set up Port Forwarding on your Router with the following ports:
    • 47624 (TCP)
    • 2300-2400 (TCP and UDP)
  • LAN play works without any port forwarding (requires Windows 7 or newer) and can also be used with virtual private networks such as Hamachi and Radmin.
    • Select IPX underneath the LAN button.
    • When the game starts, a prompt appears. The host must be the first one to click OK on this prompt.


  • Compatible with modern versions of Windows and Wine
  • Applies the last official patch (v1.05)
  • No CD required
  • Multi-language support: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Swedish
  • New launcher to play the intro videos before starting the game
  • Re-enabled online multiplayer, play with modern networks (via modified fork of FkNetcode)
  • LAN play restored with support for virtual private networks (via modified fork of IPXWrapper)
  • Borderless windowed mode (via ReSolution)
  • Higher quality intro videos (vs GOG version)
  • Improved soundtrack quality (vs GOG version) with FLAC audio in-game and fixes
  • In-game music can now have its volume set (edit volumeBGM.txt with a value between 0 and 100)
  • Enhancements (mostly via Des patch*)
    • Frontend
      • Minimize or exit from anywhere
      • See your game password as you type it
      • Terrain editor doesn't lose focus when you click "Generate"
      • Demo won't autoplay when idle
      • Stop repositioning the window when going back to the main menu
      • Additional flags for online - Pirate, Team 17 and blank
      • Unlock classic Worms terrain options without using the "OSSETT" cheat
      • Enable ability to kick teams
      • Flexible weapon editor
      • Flexible option editor
    • In-Game
      • Remove Replay screen corners (to be compatible with borderless windowed mode)
  • Mutes the clicking sound when you type
  • Added soundbanks from other classic Worms releases:
    • Worms: The Directors Cut, named as "Classic - Director's Cut" (conversion by Squirminator2k, voiced by Andy Davidson)
    • Online Worms: Japanese, Korean
    • Worms Armageddon: Brummie, Cad, Cyberworms, Drill Sergeant, Finnish, Formula One, Geezer, Irish, Jock, Kidz, Rasta, Redneck, Rushki, Russian, Stooges, Team 17 Test, The Raj, Thespian, US Sports, Whoopsie
    • Worms World Party: Danish-2, Dutch-2, French-2, Italian-2, Spanish-2, Swedish-2, Polish-2 (Poland CD exclusive for WWP & Worms 2)
  • Updated the Soundbank Editor with a working version
  • Discord Rich Presence to show whether you're in the menus or in-game
  • Automatically sets the graphics to their maximum level

*Some features were applied manually for English, German and Portuguese due to them not working via Des Patch. All features were manually applied for Polish.

Language Support

Language Frontend In-Game
Dutch ✅*
French ✅*
Italian ✅*
Polish ✅**
Spanish ✅*
Spanish (Latin America)
Swedish ✅*

*Using the European frontend, the language will be determined by checking your system language to see if it matches one of the following: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish. If none of them apply, English will be used.

**May require changing your Windows setting "Language for non-Unicode programs" / "Język dla programów nieobsługujących kodu Unicode" to Polish. If needed, you will be prompted about this during installation.


  • Do not set any compatibility settings on any of the game's files
  • Make sure only one copy of the game is installed to avoid it launching the wrong application
  • Check the Misc\Readme.txt file for any additional known fixes