Workshop introducing basic and intermediate skills in tidyverse
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A gRadual intRoduction to the tidyverse

Chester Ismay and Ted Laderas

Audience: Beginner to Intermediate R Users

This is a workshop for the Cascadia-R conference (in 2017) meant to be a gentle introduction to the tidyverse for data wrangling and visualization. If you are completely new to R and RStudio, please check out this free guide on on getting started first.

This material is also in the process of being turned into a bookdown book with embedded DataCamp Light chunks for you to enter your code and check to see if it is right! You can check out the developmental version of this book at .

What You'll Learn Today

Part 1 - Aesthetics and ggplot2 - Part1-ggplot2_intro.Rmd

Part 2 - Factors and ggplot2 - Part2-workingWithFactors.Rmd

Part 3 - Manipulating Data using dplyr Part3-dplyr_intro.Rmd

Part 4 - The Whys and Hows of Tidy Data using tidyr Part4-WhyTidyData.Rmd

Before We Get Started

Make sure that R and RStudio are installed on your laptop. (You should have version 3.3 or higher for R and version 1.0 or higher of RStudio.) Then install the tidyverse, gapminder, fivethirtyeight and rmarkdown packages from CRAN using the following command:

install.packages(c("tidyverse", "gapminder", "fivethirtyeight", "rmarkdown"))

During the Workshop

We'll be using the cascadiarconf slack ( Here is the link to the invite if you haven't yet joined:

Go to the #gradual-tidyverse channel. Feel free to ask questions there! Please answer them if you know the answer.

Since there are so many of us, please get to know your neighbor and work together. If you have major issues, we'll try to get to you.

Use your Post-Its to signal whether you are doing ok (Green) or you need help (Red) and one of us will help you.

To get started

Download this repo by clicking the green "Clone or Download". Select "Download as Zip" and open the zip file.

Open the gRadual-intRoduction-tidyverse.Rproj file in RStudio and open Part1-ggplot2_intro.Rmd.