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web interfaces for project fortis - A data gathering and intelligence pipeline that collects, analyzes and aggregates information from social media outlets and other public / private web data sources
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This repository is outdated and was migrated to project-fortis.


CI status


Screenshot of dashboard view Screenshot of event details view


This repository contains the user-interface tier of the Fortis architecture, below highlighted in red in the architecture diagram for the entire system.

Overview of Fortis architecture with project-fortis-interfaces responsibility highlighted

This repository implements a ReactJS application that sits in front of the Fortis services layer.

Development Setup

As per the diagram above, there are two pieces necessary to run this repository locally: an instance of the Fortis services layer and the React application in this repository. You can spin up the former by following the steps described in the project-fortis-services repository:

git clone
cd project-fortis-services
docker-compose up -d

After the services layer is created, you can run the React application:

git clone
cd project-fortis-interfaces
docker-compose up

After the server started, head over to the following URLs to play with the service:

Production setup

Build production asset bundle and run locally:

npm run build
npm install -g pushstate-server
pushstate-server build
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