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V2RayW: A simple GUI for V2Ray on Windows

What is V2Ray?

Project V2Ray.

Download V2RayW


How deos V2RayW work

V2RayW.exe provides a GUI to generate the config file for v2ray-core (v2ray.exe). It also allow users to change Windows proxy settings and switch proxy servers on the system tray.

Add V2RayW to startup

English 中文

Reset V2RayW

Delete settings.json in the same folder as V2RayW.exe.


The developer does not major in CS nor Software Engineer and currently is busy with grad school courses. So V2rayW will not be updated frequently. The developer may not have enough time to add more features to V2RayW, nor to merge pull requests. However, forking and releasing your own version are always welcome.