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This git repo contains kickstart files that define how the various CentOS Cloud Instances are built. These kickstarts are parsed withi virt-install. Every kickstart must be named in the following convention:

CentOS-<release ver>-<arch>-<target>-<tag>.ks



Along with every kickstart is a metadata file, with the same name as the kickstart, except ending with .json ( because they are json files )

Git Tags:

As a part of the instance release process, the content used to build that instance MUST be tag'd away


  • ReleaseVer must always only be 5 or 6 or 7, never the point release ( but you can overload the TAG component in the name with anything, I like using the point release there, along with the datestamp ).


  • Provide some example kickstarts
  • Provide some example metadata json's
  • Import the virt-install wrapper bash script