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Cross-browser multiline text ellipsis for react

Inspired by:

Internally uses:


npm install --save react-dotdotdot

Sample usage

import React from 'react'
import Dotdotdot from 'react-dotdotdot'


render() {
	return (
			<Dotdotdot clamp={3}>
					Long, long <br />
					content,<br />
					3 lines <br />
					will be shown.

Dotdotdot props:

clamp (Number | String | 'auto'). This controls where and when to clamp the text of an element. Submitting a number controls the number of lines that should be displayed. Second, you can submit a CSS value (in px or em) that controls the height of the element as a String. Finally, you can submit the word 'auto' as a string. Auto will try to fill up the available space with the content and then automatically clamp once content no longer fits. This last option should only be set if a static height is being set on the element elsewhere (such as through CSS) otherwise no clamping will be done.

useNativeClamp: [default: true] Use -webkit-line-clamp available in Webkit (Chrome, Safari) only.

splitOnChars: [default: ['.', '-', '–', '—', ' ']] Split on sentences (periods), hypens, en-dashes, em-dashes, and words (spaces).

animate: [default: false] animated clamp

truncationChar: The character to insert at the end of the HTML element after truncation is performed. This defaults to an ellipsis (…). useNativeClamp overrides it to default.

truncationHTML: String of HTML to use instead of truncationChar

tagName: [default: div] (String). The type of HTML tag which will wrap the component's content.


React-dotdotdot is simple plugin, if you need more functionality, consider using react-truncate

Known issues:

  • react-dotdotdot does not work with text containers with nested markup.
  • padding-bottom CSS rule breaks clamp
  • line-height units might be important for React-dotdotdot. We recommend px over em



  • Update TypeScript definition to add missing props (thanks @tuxracer)
  • round line-height value from computed float value - IE11 fix (thanks @YoonjiJang)


  • useNativeClamp prop is set to false by default, it was causing some issues.
  • Comments are not counted as a text anymore
  • Remove Github's potential security vulnerability with react-dom


  • Added TypeScript typings (thanks @vojty and @feimosi)


  • Add the option to choose a tag other than div (thanks @Kalita-Roman)
  • Fix demo on Firefox
  • Added .npmignore to limit package size


  • Revert: Fix break word for long text
  • Update documentation


  • Update documentation
  • Re-trigger clamp on window.load
  • Allow for all params to passed to clamp-js (splitOnChars, animate, etc)


  • Fix word breaking for long text (issues #21 and #15; Thanks @krzysztofczernek).
  • calculate correct height for many childs + clamp: 'auto' (thanks @rurquia)
  • Update dependencies to support react 16 (thanks @emersonbroga)


  • Support for IE11, Edge and Firefox (thanks, @kkwiatkowski)


  • Remove clamp-js from package.json dependencies, as it's not maintained anymore.
  • Bugfix for TypeError: elem.lastChild is null in Firefox.