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Fixup some documentation

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1 parent 13f98fa commit 3b959319734495c66025e5a99edb9bddd71cc6c4 @lefticus lefticus committed
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  1. +2 −2 include/chaiscript/chaiscript.hpp
4 include/chaiscript/chaiscript.hpp
@@ -192,8 +192,8 @@
/// Overloaded methods will need some help, to hint the compiler as to which overload you want:
/// \code
-/// chai.add(fun<void (MyClass::*)()>(&MyClass::overloadedmethod), "overloadedmethod"));
-/// chai.add(fun<void (MyClass::*)(const std::string &)>(&MyClass::overloadedmethod, "overloadedmethod"));
+/// chai.add(fun<void (MyClass::*)()>(&MyClass::overloadedmethod), "overloadedmethod");
+/// chai.add(fun<void (MyClass::*)(const std::string &)>(&MyClass::overloadedmethod), "overloadedmethod");
/// \endcode
/// There are also shortcuts built into chaiscript::fun for binding up to the first two parameters of the function.

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