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Rust implementation of the Mina protocol, targeting Wasm and ARM architectures.

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An implementation of Mina protocol in Rust, with focus on web and Wasm compatibility

** As you can probably tell this is a WIP! Don't use for anything yet **

Rust doc of main branch can be found here


Mina builds with the latest stable version of Rust. See installation instructions for your OS.

There isn't yet a binary to build. All of the crates can be built by running

cargo build

from the project root

Running Tests

All crate unit tests can be run by running

cargo test

Serialization tests

Serialization tests only can be run by

cargo test -p test-serialization

It is also possible to run the serialization tests in a Wasm environment using wasm-pack. First install wasm-pack with

curl -sSf | sh

cd to the serialization tests crate directory

cd protocol/test-serialization

and then run tests with either

wasm-pack test --node --release


wasm-pack test --headless --chrome --release --features browser

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Reporting a Security Bug

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Please email us a description of the flaw and any related information (e.g. reproduction steps, version) to security at chainsafe dot io.


Mina-rs is licensed under Apache 2.0.


Rust implementation of the Mina protocol, targeting Wasm and ARM architectures.






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