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@Jaben Jaben released this Apr 6, 2020

Papercut SMTP v5.7.0 [2020-04-05]

  • Renamed product to "Papercut SMTP" to seperate from other products.
  • Moved "Readme.eml" and logs to \ProgramData\Changemaker Studios\Papercut SMTP allowing it to be deleted.
  • Changed default save directory for Papercut UI to %ApplicationData%\Changemaker Studios\Papercut SMTP. Mail in legacy paths are still supported.
  • Added support for embedded message mime types and the ability to save the embedded eml.
  • Performance improvements loading messages.
  • Misc bug fixes.
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@Jaben Jaben released this Apr 3, 2020

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@Jaben Jaben released this Mar 8, 2019

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Mar 8, 2019
Mar 8, 2019

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